Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Salsagheti: Latin Tastebud Identiy Crisis

Here at WTF snacks, the stranger the snack, the more attention we pay. Past favorites include candied scallops with just enough sugar to offset seafood, lip-shaped wax that's about as inedible as it sounds, and burger-flavored chips mildly reminiscent of McDoubles from your neighborhood friendly McDonald's.

Yet we can't figure out why anyone would want to try watermelon strings with salsa. So we tried it for you and are reporting back.

The 'gheti

Aside from the vivid red tone far beyond any meat sauce, the 'gheti surprisingly resembles actual spaghetti. When first biting into a gummy strand, we are greeted with slightly artificial watermelon taste. Think sour patch watermelons without the sour powder. They are tasty, though not as practical in loading your mouth with flavor as a more full-bodied snack would.

Salsa (aka Flavored Hot Liquid Candy)

Que Rica Vida describes dulces enchilados for us:
Some of the [dulces enchilados] were seasoned with chile piquín; some with tamarind pulp and others were made with my favorite condiment, chamoy, a savory Mexican sauce made of dry fruit with chili, salt, sugar, water, and vinegar ... Chamoy can be sold as a liquid, powder, or paste, and it ranges from mild to very spicy. One thing is for sure — all of them, no matter how spicy, are delicious!
Despite the unappetizing presentation of this liquid candy, we were determined to give it a try. We applied a dab on the tongue without the 'gheti. Its smokiness and sweetness were overshadowed by a even more artificial taste. But since the salsa was meant to accompany the 'gheti, the real test follows.


When we separated a short strand and dipped in the liquido, we found that we did not taste the salsa at all. We then gave another strand a generous number of swirls before tasting. This time, the salsa was noticeable, but we were disappointed to find that the tastes did not complement each other. It's like putting two good foods together: cheesecake and ketchup or curry and raspberries- somewhat satisfying, but not really.


Despite its originality and authenticity, the salsagheti's lack of cohesiveness combined with the artificial taste of the separate ingredients makes us hesitant to recommend that you follow in our footsteps.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Root Beer Float Oreo

"Things that should NOT be a cookie..."

"An A for accuracy, but a C- for enjoyability"

"Wow, this is root beer!"

"It tastes fizzy."

"I'm not gonna throw up, but I'm not going to have another one".

Friday, September 26, 2014

Alien Brain Hemorrhage
The nastiest yet sweetest drink I've ever seen

Monday, September 22, 2014